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<b>"<i>Surprise</i> before Gibraltar"</b>

GEOFF HUNT, P.P.R.S.M.A. (British, Contemporary)

"Surprise before Gibraltar"


Oil on Linen Canvas

24 x 36 inches (61 x 91.5 cm)

Signed, lower left


Commissioned through Marine Artists for a Private Collection in Chile


In front of the Rock, an enduring emblem of Great Britain's sea power, Geoff Hunt has painted the lovely Surprise, a name famous both in British naval history and through Patrick O'Brian's fictional ship commanded by Captain Jack Aubrey.

Here we see Surprise on a fine, clear day heeling to port with her bow coming up out of the waves. Some of the tiny details of the rigging indicate that this could be the fictional Surprise rather than the historical ship, which was sold out of British service in 1802, but this image could be either the fictional or historical ship



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