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<b>"<i>Mars</i> at Trafalgar"</b>

GEOFF HUNT, P.P.R.S.M.A. (British, Contemporary)

"Mars at Trafalgar"

Oil on Linen Canvas

25 x 36 inches (63.5 x 91.5 cm)      

Signed, lower left & dated 2008, lower right

Literature: "The Sea Painter's World - the New Marine Art of Geoff Hunt" by Geoff Hunt, 2011, p. 99  

(Note: eleven of the paintings by Geoff Hunt featured in his new book were sold by or commissioned through Marine Artists)


The third ship into action at Trafalgar, the 74-gun Mars reached the enemy line at about 12.20. Captain Duff was confronted with a bunched collection of ships, his immediate opponent being the Pluton, also 74 guns, under the command of the highly capable Commodore Cosmao-Kerjulien. Mars swung to port in order to begin a classic gunnery duel with the Pluton, the moment depicted in both these sketches. Unfortunately this move misfired, since Captain Duff then saw that the Spanish 3-decker Santa Anna was right in front of him, and so swung further up into the wind to avoid collision. Cosmao-Kerjulien seized this opportunity to rake the Marsfrom astern, as did the Spanish Monarca; these broadsides not only killed Captain Duff but destroyed essential elements of Mars's running rigging, rendering the ship unmanoeuverable and exposing her to much further punishment. Some time later, no less a figure than Admiral Villeneuve somehow finished up aboard Mars, having surrendered to a Captain of Marines originally sent from the Conqueror.  Geoff Hunt, 2008

In this painting we have the view from within the Franco-Spanish line. Ships from left to right are the Spanish MonarcaPlutonMars, the British next in line, Tonnant, and in the foreground the French Fougueux, heavily engaged on her port side with the Belleisle.


Commissioned through Marine Artists for a Private Collection in England



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