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GEOFF HUNT, President R.S.M.A. - Fighting Sail 1773 - 1815 Gallery

"HMS Euryalus" Limited Edition Print or Remarque on sale in this Gallery

Geoff Hunt's stunning evocation of Nelson-era fighting ships

Set of 12 Limited Editions on paper or canvas. There is nothing to match Geoff Hunt's sweeping depiction of the great and small fighting ships of the age.


GEOFF HUNT's "Fighting Sail 1773 - 1815"


Geoff Hunt presents a new series of twelve incomparable Limited Edition Prints illustrating the great and small ships of the Nelson and Napoleon era. British, French, Spanish and American ships are included, making it a unique overview of the sea wars of the time by the greatest living painter of the ships of the period.


Geoff Hunt is today's finest painter of the fighting sail of the 18th and 19th centuries. He is a world-renowned expert on the ship construction and naval history of the period, thanks to the minutely-detailed research he undertakes for each of his paintings. Geoff has special interest and expertise in the ships and career of Nelson.


Geoff Hunt's book, published recently and available from Marine, shows that his range is far wider than the Nelson era, encompassing 20th century shipping and plein air river landscapes. Geoff is President of Britain's Royal Society of Marine Artists and a member of the Wapping Group, who take their subjects from the River Thames. A best-selling DVD on his life and work is also available from this site.


Commissioning Geoff Hunt

You may commission Geoff Hunt through Marine

e-mail Charles Mayes on for full details of how to proceed or use the CONTACT US form above.


Limited Edition Prints and Remarques


All prints are made to the very highest art publishing standards using heavy art paper and the finest inks. Limited Editions and Remarques are usually supplied unframed, packed in strong tubes for shipping, but framing is available for pictures sent to UK addresses; please contact us for quotations.


About 10% of a Geoff Hunt Limited Edition print run is reserved to be produced as Remarques. A Remarque print is a signed and numbered print from the Limited Edition to which the artist has added an original pencil drawing in the bottom margin, to the left of the printed title. Each drawing is signed separately with the artist's initials and each drawing is different. They add both artistic and financial value to the print as each Remarque is unique. The subjects of the drawings are always suggested by the theme of the colour print itself.


"HMS Indefatigable" Limited Edition Print or Remarque on sale in this Gallery

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